Come and whip yourself into top software development shape!

What is Helmes Summer Bootcamp?

If you feel like doing something interesting and useful this summer, then why not come to the Helmes Summer Bootcamp this August. The Bootcamp is a four-week intensive and fun software development training course, where you can quickly whip yourself into shape and develop a real-life IT project.

Join the Helmes Summer Bootcamp!

This summer, why not spend an interesting and fun-filled month with the ever creative Helmes team at their cosy office in the centre of Tallinn.

Don’t miss an opportunity to put your readiness and abilities to the test, and to enter the challenging IT labour market!


Helmes is one of Estonia’s largest IT companies. It was recognised as the most successful software developer in 2014, secured first place in the 2015 competitive performance rating and was named one of the most family- and employee friendly companies in Estonia in 2016.


With over 25 years of experience in the IT sector, Helmes strives to reduce the share of manual work, minimise inefficiency and automate business processes. For that purpose, we create world-class information systems, help our international clients improve self-service solutions and make an ever growing number of systems communicate with one another.

Business-critical software solutions created by our smart IT specialists with extensive experience in the sector are used by thousands of people from all walks of life on a daily basis. While our client partnerships often last decades, so do our relationships with employees. Helmes makes sure our employees are always learning and always motivated, both financially and intellectually. Read more about Helmes here:

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It costs nothing! In fact, Helmes will pay 500 euros of scholarship to you if you want to make the commitment and develop your skills.

You will get some experience of working as a member of an agile development team. You will be able to put yourself to the test and see whether you and your team can achieve the established goals. The lively Helmes Summer Bootcamp will be spearheaded by leading and senior developers of Helmes as well as professional coaches.

A team of five will create a genuine development project for a real-life client. It will be used to learn programming (Java, PHP, Progress or .NET platform), information systems architecture, design, analysis, testing and principles of high-quality code, agile development methods and effective teamwork.

At Helmes, we like to say that work and fun go hand in hand. So, a relaxed mood, like-minded people and leisure activities both in and out of doors all combine to make for a memorable month of both learning and fun.

In addition to spending a very educational month with one of the leading software developers in Estonia, personal counselling and numerous new contacts, you will be participating in all the events organised for Helmes employees, including the event of the year everyone here looks forward to: Helmes Summer Days.

70% of last year’s Summer Bootcamp participants have joined Helmes

Helmes first organised the professional software development training programme Helmes Summer Bootcamp in 2015. In 2016 to our surprise, there were over 400 applicants, and to date 7 of those 10 bright-eyed enthusiastic participants have joined Helmes’ hard-working crew. The participants themselves highly praised the experience of the Helmes Summer Bootcamp, and feedback showed that the average satisfaction level was 9.8 out of 10.

Read what the participants of Helmes Summer Bootcamp 2015 have to say about their experience.

  • Harles

    “The schedule suited me well, and a lot of topics were covered within a short period. The only thing I can be critical of is that the Bootcamp could have lasted longer. It was sad to see it end, and I definitely miss the time spent here. It is a time to educate yourself fast, practice software development, have the support of mentors and the rest of the infrastructure, and get paid for doing so. I think this is incredibly good.”
  • Indrek

    “This was a genuinely exciting and good experience. Everything was well-organised and interesting. Everything seemed smooth within the team and as far as organisation was concerned. The teams were assembled perfectly, and everything ran smoothly. This was a very educational and full experience.”
  • Klaus-Kristjan

    “I really liked the Summer Days, when I could talk to numerous Helmes workers in an informal setting and discuss things other than work. It was also the first time I had been on an adventure trail and in an exit room as well as the first time I had done wakeboarding.”
  • Liisi

    “For me, the interview I had at Helmes was the coolest application interview I had ever had. I felt very good, the questions were appropriate, and I felt the interviewers and me were on the same page.”
  • Karl-Martin

    “The mentors held private seminars that were very educational and quite necessary; they were competent and were able to help solve any occurring problem easily and efficiently. They came up with ideas and frameworks to make our work simpler.”
  • Mihkel

    “Before the Bootcamp, I had no idea it would be so cool! I especially liked the fact that I could experience all the benefits and drawbacks of agile development myself.”
  • Kristine

    “The atmosphere and the COWORKERS have been very impressive! I would really like to work in such an environment.”
  • Kreete

    “I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of time the mentors gave us; when I was applying, I could not have dreamt of such luxury.”
  • Den-Daniel

    “There were many things Helmes got right with the Bootcamp, but what impressed me most was the integrity of the process within such a short time. We implemented a completely new project, and within three weeks we achieved something that was totally usable.”
  • Roland

    “I would like to especially note how the company cares about its employees’ well-being. You can see it right from the front door that people feel good and don’t have to force themselves to come here in the mornings.”

When and where?

Helmes Summer Bootcamp is held from 31 of July till 25 of August in Helmes’ office in Lõõtsa 6B, Tallinn.

Before that, there will be some other important dates to remember:

  • 22 February

    Registration starts

  • 13 March

    Programming task

    If you have made it to the 2nd round, we will send the task to you by e-mail

  • 26 March

    Task deadline

    The last day to send the completed task, and this year’s registration ends

  • 10 April


    If you have successfully completed the task, you will be contacted between 10 and 21 April to agree on the interview

  • 5 May

    List of accepted participants

    We will inform you if you are accepted to Helmes Summer Bootcamp